Paula Ponce tested the SolarRev Generator in Laiban Tanay Offgrid Site

Paula Ponce of RWC and GPS Online TV testing the SolarRev GA10 Portable Solar Generator in offgrid waterfalls in Rizal Province.

With this inspiring Solar Generator technology made by a Filipino, we can assure that energy problems will be solved soon by empowered filipinos using technologies by filipinos. – Paula Ponce News


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Free Education for the People Initiative

Education that can lead to strategic solutions and giving strategic skills to people is what we need to solve poverty and other world’s problem.

We cannot blame the old people when they try to solve world ciris because even if they are wise many people failed to value wisdom and education and stay in easy ways to survive lige’a challenges and also thei old people time to solve poverty and life’s problem are too short now, what they can do is to support the next generation in executing stragtegic solutions, our generation must be supported by them to solve or even contribute in solving worlds problem. We should not blame the old people in the world’s problem, instead we need to make strategic solution and involve them to help us in executing our solution to solve the world’s problem including poverty.

You will be dumb if you stay in solutions without planning, you will regret if you rush in solving problems. You will fail if you fail to plan strategically and problems will not end without Education that can lead to strategic solutions and education that can give strategic skills to people.

Support Free Education for the People Initative. Like and share our page ūüôā

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SSL Flood Type LED : Order at

The SolarRev Solar Signage Light uses Polysilicon Solar Cell with high charging rate, the frame is an aviation grade aluminum with strong heat dissipation. The set unit is Waterproof and Durable that can withstand all kinds of weather. It has a Super bright light using 54 led with 400 Lumen to illuminate about 35 square meters. It charges during the day and it will automatically turn ON light at night, as time goes by, this Solar Lights will shift to energy saver. During the day it is charged by the sunlight and it has automatic light turn OFF function when the sun hits the solar panel as it goes into recharging mode.

Very easy installation for this solar light can be installed even without the use of complicated tools. You can do a DIY installation by directing its mounting onto wall or other surface: using its brackets. The length of the power cable between the solar panel and light is about 4.7 meters.  You can adjust the solar panel angle for optimum sun exposure.

Application: This solar lights have a variety of installation, it can be used as wall amount light, street light, lawn light, garden light, flood light etc. It can be used in landscape lighting, building lighting, billboard lighting, signage lighting, hotels, driveway and other applications.
Order now at

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SolarRev Solar Street Light Flood Type SSL F10

SOLARREV Solatr Street Light Flood Type – Plug and Play Solar Street Light by CALRIGER Tech – Be informed with latest Solar and Tactical technologies visit CALRIGER TECH Solar Street Light Price starts at Php 3500 shop at GPS Tech Store

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Solar Powered Laptop Powerbank SRP Php 4000

Solar Powered Laptop Powerbank Coming Soon in GPS ONLINE TV

Product details of 68800mAh 4USB Multi-Function 12V Car Jump Starter Power Bank Rechargable Battery


Type Portable Car Jump Starter Power
Color Black
Capacity 68800mAh
Actual Capacity 16800mAh
Use life 3-5Years
USB Output 5V
Laptop Output 15V/16V/19V
Input 12V/1A
Starting Current 300A
Peak Current 600A
Operating Temperature -20~80¬įC
Host Weight App <500g
Set Weight App <1.2kg
Size App 170*80*30mm (L*W*H)
3 LED Model SOS model
Fast flashing model
Lighting Model

How to use:
Connect red clamp to positive wire,black clamp to negative wire.please make sure there is enough contact surfaces.
Plug into battery hole,please plug into the end.
After start your car ,please take off the clamp in 30S.

1.Make sure there is at least one power indicator lighting on the power bank
3.Then you can press power button to change modes(SOS/Fast flashing/Lighting)

This jump starter have 3 LED light,brighter than 1 LED jump starter or 3 LED jump starter but only middle one have light.

1.Make sure there is at least one power indicator lighting on the power bank
3.Then you can see th

 blinking red alarm light (which fit for emergency parking)

Specifications of 68800mAh 4USB Multi-Function 12V Car Jump Starter Power Bank Rechargable Battery

What’s in the box:

  • 1 X Jump Starter Battery
  • 1 X 4-in-1¬†USB Charge Adapter
  • 1 X¬†Laptop Adapter
  • 1 X¬†Car Charger Adapter
  • 1 X¬†AC¬†Home¬†Power Adapter
  • 1 X PU Bag
  • 1 X¬†12V¬†Storage Battery Wire Clip
  • 1 X¬†Laptop Connet Line
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CALRIGER AMG RESOC1 – WIFI TACTICAL BODY CAMERA – CAMG-RESOC1 is CALRIGER’S Advanced Maximum Gears Raven Eye Special Operations Camera 1 that gives Real Time Monitoring of Tactical Operations ( Like our page )  – CAMG RESOC1 is an App based Surveillance Camera with Special Online or WIFI Access that gives operator a Real time live feeds of RESOC1 video recording.Available for order thru website order form in GPS Tech Store

Coming Soon in CALRIGER Industries –

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CALRIGER DSTF1 Tactical Flashlight SRP250

CALRIGER DSTF 1 TACTICAL FLASHLIGHT is a CREE Flashlight for tactical Operations, Rescue Missions and Travel Adventures. It is a light weight LED Cree flashlight with aluminum body with 300 Meter Beam Distance at 1000 Lumens. Available for orders by filling up the website order form in our website

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AMG HD PTZ Camera Setup by GPS Online Tv

We use the CALRIGER AMG HD PTZ Camera and CCTV Technology to setup a PTZ Camera for Advanced Security Monitoring: We already installed various HD CCTV to Military Bases, Storage Warehouses, Offices and Residential Areas. Visit websites for details and;

How to setup HD PTZ CCTV System? Required meterials:

1. HD PTZ CCTV Camera

2. DVR HD 

3. Harddisk

4. CAT 5 OR CAT 6 wires

5. Video Balun Signal Connector

6. Power Supply Connector Male and Female

7. 2 to 5 amp Power Supply


CALRIGER AHD PTZ CAMERA Outdoor with adjusting pixel 1.3 to 5mp based on distance SRP Php 20,000 order at ( Fill up order Form ) 

A HD Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera is an advanced maximum technology security camera that can change direction and zoom in and out based on commands given from a DVR. Some DVRs support remote control for PTZ cameras over the Internet using a mobile device or computer, allowing you to control the camera’s movement from anywhere around the globe. 
PTZ cameras can be used to cover much larger areas than stationary cameras with a full range of horizontal and vertical movement (pan and tilt respectively). It has a digital zoom that can reach 200 to 300 meters and can give you clearer vision of your security monitoring. 
The CALRIGER HD PTZ is powered by  2 amp 12 volts power supply adaptor that supports  enhanced Night Vision capability thru the units Advanced Maximum Technology that uses Array IR Powerful LED for high quality night vision video imaging capture.

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GPS LED BULBS (Combination of  AC 220v Basic LED and Ceramic Type LED ) 


Basic LED 5 WATTS PHP 100 

Basic LED 220 Volts, E27 Receptacle

15 WATTS PHP 200 

20 WATTS PHP 250




All prices are SRP, discount or commissions available for subscriber of GPS GLOBAL ADVOCACIES REWARDS SYSTEM

CONTACT GPS TECH STORE FOR DETAILS and fill up website order form for orders. CODE LED WATTS

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Dash Camera Philippines with Top Quality by GPS Sale

Dash Camera Philippines with Top Quality by GPSCALRIGER Car CCTV

GPS Online TV is one of the trusted Dash Camera Trades in the Philippines. It provides quality Dash Camera, Parking Sensors and Back Cameras for all types of vehicles. Order your Dash Camera at GPS Online TV

A dash cam also known as dashboard-mounted camera, is a technology device that records everything that happens when you are driving. Dash Camera consist of a single or double lens digital camera that mounts via a suction gear to your window or dashboard, powered through direct 12-volt wiring to your vehicle, batteries, or the cigarette lighter. When you start your car, the camera will start recording video directly to attached SD card on a continuous loop recording, technically it will see whatever you can see as a driver of your vehicle. Most of the dash cameras now record sound, advanced maximum gears dash camera can record night vision, and some high end dash camera have built-in GPS Navigator.

dash camera gps

Dash cams can capture those situations that normally come from a drivers ‚Äúversion‚ÄĚ of the story. Whatever the situation on the road‚ÄĒa car cutting you car off, someone intentionally jumping in front of your vehicle to blackmail you for money‚ÄĒthe dash cam records it can help you prove your innocence and saves it for later reference most especially during police investigation.

Order your Best quality Dash Camera at GPS Online TV

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