SolarRev Raptor 100 Generator Military Defense Tech – Package at Php 10,000


This made in the Philippines Military Defense Tech Calriger SolarRev Raptor 100 Generator is your Advanced Tactical Defense Power Source in times of Calamities, Disasters or war!

What is your Raptor power weapon of choice? The SolarRev Generator RAPTOR 100 BlackCore or the Desert Storm?

SolarRev Raptor 100 is Priced at Php 7,500 plus 2,500 for 10 watts solar panel, 2  DC LED lights, wire connectors and accessories etc.

(Coming soon! the Jungle Ranger Model) All items are in made to order basis at

Raptor Blackcore – Out of Stock

Raptor Desert Storm – In stock

Raptor Jungle Ranger – Coming Soon

Be tactically Ready to solar power your base and digital weapons during Disaster, Calamity or War! SolarRev Raptor Generator Energy is a very strong Power Advantage.


Calriger SolarRev Raptor 100 Specs:


SolarRev Raptor 100 is a portable power storage with 12amp  leads sealed battery, built-in Solar Charger Controller 5am, with dual LED Light, 12 volts DC port, 12 volts DC battery extension terminal, 5 volts USB port and a tactical case carry extreme. The SolarRev Raptor 100 is your ultimate power savior that can give you reliable energy source in times of disaster, calamity or war.

*Specifications and Charging Options


This made in the Philippines Calriger SolarRev Raptor 100 for doomsday prepper and tactical missionaries has 10 amp usable DC power and reserve of 2 amp for system operation, so that is total of 12amp equivalent to 120-140 watts of portable DC power.

Using its built-in flashlight will give you 12 hours of nonstop usage.

Using its USB DC port will depend on what mobile phone you will plug. Regular bar phone can be charged from 4-5 times.

Charging it thru the solar panel 10 watts will need 10 hours of charging thru the sun.

Charging it by plugging to Auto DC 12V with 5 amp per hour power port will give you 3-4 hours charging before it can be fully charged.

Charging it using adaptor wall charging 2 amp per hour power will need 5-7 hours

Learn more about the SolarRev Raptor 100 by checking product data sheet at


Always be ready to Survive and Save Lives together with the Calriger SolarRev Raptor 100. Other models are available at




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