Blackcore S300 SolarRev Generator by Calriger

CALRIGER INDUSTRIES: Blackcore S300 SolarRev Generator by Calriger

This made in the Philippines BlackCore S300 SolarRev Generator is a Military Tactical Grade Battery Powered Generator compatible with solar charging, wall charging and vehicle charging.


Its version S300A has a 300 watts inverter and a 21 amp Lead sealed upgradable battery and the S300B with out inverter has more power for DC charging and lightings.


The BlackCore S300 power has multiple input and output sockets that supports 5 volts and 12 volts charging and with its built-in charger controller it can support 300 watts solar panels and also with its inverter the 220 Volts plug can power up to 300 watts AC device.


SolarRev Generator is highly recommended to all mountaineers and offgrid travellers for this technology will put stored solar power in your hands or backpack!


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