Free Education for the People Initiative

Education that can lead to strategic solutions and giving strategic skills to people is what we need to solve poverty and other world’s problem.

We cannot blame the old people when they try to solve world ciris because even if they are wise many people failed to value wisdom and education and stay in easy ways to survive lige’a challenges and also thei old people time to solve poverty and life’s problem are too short now, what they can do is to support the next generation in executing stragtegic solutions, our generation must be supported by them to solve or even contribute in solving worlds problem. We should not blame the old people in the world’s problem, instead we need to make strategic solution and involve them to help us in executing our solution to solve the world’s problem including poverty.

You will be dumb if you stay in solutions without planning, you will regret if you rush in solving problems. You will fail if you fail to plan strategically and problems will not end without Education that can lead to strategic solutions and education that can give strategic skills to people.

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